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"Your coaching has helped me break down my barriers to loving my husband."

“I got a huge wake-up call when I realized that my husband of 27 years was having an affair… and I’m not surprised because our marriage had deteriorated to where we barely spoke to each other. I had become so resentful and bitter in the marriage that I had withdrawn all love and affection. Non-the-less the news hit me like a ton of bricks but I made my mind up to do anything possible to stay with the man I had so deeply loved at one time. Your coaching has helped me break down my barriers and to remind me “why & how” I fell in love with my husband in the first place. It has also shown me how to recapture those moments and feelings, and most importantly, to take it forward. I am beginning to make great strides on reconnecting with my husband, and restoring our marriage, and I am feeling confident that we will again feel happy and in love. I know that I must be persistent in applying all of the tools you teach because in the end it will be worth my time and effort.”


"Thank you for a system that actually helps married people change."

“My husband threaten to leave if I didn’t stop “being mean” to him. Now, I have read countless pop-psychology self-help books, but while these inspired me for awhile, they rarely created any lasting change for me. I was very frustrated and feeling helpless when I came across your website. Since you base your work on solid neuroscience and behavioral-change research I was excited to see a new approach to marriage problems… and I can’t say I have been disappointed. I always knew there was something missing when I would go see my counselor and well your approach has made all the difference in the world. I love how you harness the power of the latest cutting-edge brain science to help those of us suffering with unproductive relationship habits. I have completed 10 weeks of coaching and now am enrolled in your Relationship Mastery program; I want to make sure that my new found habits stick. Thank you for developing a system that actually helps married people change.”

"This is one of the best investments my wife and I have ever made!"

“This is one of the best investments my wife and I have ever made! We weren’t having “problems”, but we were not the best at resolving conflict. So my wife and I wanted to take a proactive approach to our relationship and learn new ways to resolve conflict that were productive. Sometimes we would be at a stalemate about a conflict and/or hurt each others feeling in the process or not get a resolution. We’d both been to couples counseling before in our prior marriages and didn’t find it helpful (there were not any practical skills learned that would enable us to take those skills and apply them effectively, nor effective enough that we would not need to return to counseling). Unlike counseling, Ana, has taught us skills that we won’t have to see her very often, maybe just a little “tune-up” from time to time…to me that’s an irresistible proposition. I would absolutely recommend Ana services to our friends, in fact we already have to many of them. She has made a measurable difference in just the two months we saw her. She’s been one of the key factors in making our marriage bulletproof.”

"Now we’re able to communicate exactly what we mean, and explain our feelings."

“I can’t thank you enough for how much you have helped my husband and I. We are so in love with each other again. This actually feels even better than when we first met. You gave us hope even with all of our failed efforts there was something that you offer that we had never heard of before… and it works!​ Our biggest gift we received was the communication skills you taught us. Being able to actually talk to each other and fully express our selves without the other misunderstanding was our biggest hurdle. Our marriage was falling apart because we were both taking things that we said completely wrong and/or opposite of what each other meant. Now we’re able to communicate exactly what we mean, and explain our feelings so we’re not misunderstood. Everything else is simply falling into place.”
~Craig & Nancy

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